Thank you for taking the Barista Survey! Results will be published soon.

Barista Surveys

We are currently conducting a barista survey for the Greater Houston Area. This survey will only take 5 minutes of your time, but is incredibly important as this will enable us to collect data and publish for the purposes of providing the community with updated information on the related topics.

To enable validity, we encourage all baristas working in Houston to take these two surveys. This is an opportunity to collect set data to reflect the current compensation in our region. Data are collected in anonymous format. We will post these two surveys up for 2 weeks, closing on 10th June.

What does this survey do?

The larger the collection, the more effective it represents our industry. We hope you can pass this information to the baristas you know so we can reach out to more people in the industry.

This data will also be published with the main objective: To provide industry members with updated information on barista wages for informed discussions.

How does this survey work?

Part I consists of several questions collected by Houston Coffee Collective. Part II is a survey posted up by Counter Culture Coffee. We are very grateful for their help in letting us utilize their platform to contribute to a larger scale survey, of which the data will be presented on June 12th, across all Counter Culture Training Labs.

Time stamps of which the surveys are completed will be compared and extracted for Houston Coffee Collective to access regional data.

Please fill out BOTH surveys in one go.

Part I - Houston Regional Survey

General Information

Part II - Counter Culture Barista Survey

Thank you for filling out this survey! Your time and answers are very valuable for us.