Behind the Bar Series: #11

Cavo Coffee (West University): Vivian

Cavo coffee, located near West University, has set the bar high (pun intended) for when it comes staying in touch with the coffee technology. With the intention to magnify the interaction between guest and barista, the Mod Bar espresso machine had been strategically placed.

Vivian, the barista at bar, had been working for about a month at Cavo Coffee. A veteran barista, she saw Cavo as an opportunity for growth in the coffee industry. She was training to be a roaster at the time and while the experience had been an “emotionally fasting journey”, it was well worth it.

In our conversation it was important to recognize that there weren't many female roasters and even more so those in marginalized communities. She was shattering that glass ceiling.


Vivian wanted to bring attention towards not just the barista and roaster but the farmers in each of these coffee producing countries. In her newly introduced position, she was given the opportunity to close that gap, to show the vulnerability behind coffee.

Marlen Mendoza