People Of Houston Coffee

People Of Houston Coffee

We want to know more about YOU - the people who make up the Houston coffee industry!

This month we invited Marlon Reyes of Third Gen Coffee for a simple 5 question interview.


Name: Marlon Reyes

Email Address:

Preferred Pronouns: He/ Him

Instagram Handle: @marlon.e.reyes

I'm Currently Working at Third Gen Coffee / Sigua Coffee

Coffee introduced me to...
Coffee introduced me to many different people from all over the world. We have met not only coffee professionals, but coffee farmers from different regions, artists, lawyers, writers, musicians, and families. In our time working with coffee, we have made great friends, all with unique stories, all through this shared passion for coffee.

I'm really digging_____in coffee right now because...
I am really digging the emphasis on production and sustainability in coffee right now. In many regions the cost of production is higher than the actual selling price. Ethical/ Fair sourcing is so important. We appreciate the consumers who are aware and willing to pay a little extra for that great cup of coffee.


My biggest hero in coffee is______because...
Reynaldo Reyes, my uncle, is my biggest hero in coffee. He was the one who introduced me to coffee farming, showing us the gratification of hard work and not giving up at the first hardship. Coffee production is a long process and requires patience. Waiting years for a coffee tree to mature and produce coffee was a powerful lesson, which I apply in other areas of business and in life as well. Truly, my uncle sparked the passion that I have for coffee.

I like my coffee...
When I am in Honduran mode, I like my coffee as a dark roast, brewed on my mom's percolator, with one teaspoon of sugar and accompanied by a baleada (Honduran breakfast taco.) That is how I grew up on coffee. As someone now in the industry, I enjoy medium roast, batch brewed in the mornings and after lunch cappuccinos.

My field of expertise in coffee is...but I want to learn more about_____in coffee.
I have experience in farming, barista, and coffee shop management. I don't exactly feel like an expert though and am always open minded to take in knowledge and learn from the experiences of others.

Thank you, Marlon, for joining us for a super fun interview with our Houston Coffee People series.

More coming up soon on our IG and Coffeezine. Stay tuned!