La Marzocco Crush the Rush

Article and photo by: MARLEN MENDOZA


Part of the summer events tour, La Marzocco has created a fast paced, high volume, and rowdy competition called Crush the Rush. Although the competition has several details and rules, the basic premise is that which team of baristas can make the most accurate drinks in the fastest time possible.

Houston, along with 10 other cities, was on the list to be a part of a first time nationwide friendly competition.

The event was held at Katz Coffee and supported by several sponsors and organizations. La Marzocco, of course, provided the tools to execute such an event, while Boomtown sponsored the espresso.

As the night starts, friends, coffee community members, and others pour into the roastery to support their fellow teams. With intensity at a 10 and the crowd hyped, thus began round one.

Teams from West Oak, Siphon Coffee, Southside Espresso, Inversion, Blendin, Katz, Boomtown/2nd cup and White Rhino Coffee were in the running. With long hours of systemic practice along with those Saturday morning and Brunch Sunday rushes, the teams were fully in their trained and organized chaos mode.

The timer begins and the crowd builds suspense as the team's race to complete their challenged drinks with minimal spillage.

The night progresses and each team is knocked out one by one. This leaves Inversion’s  “Topo Chicas” and 2nd Cup/ Boomtown’s “Hugs and Mugs”  left to battle. With obstacles and limitations, the teams performed with ferocity and precision. Back to the back they were, as the judges reviewed and approved each drink. Ultimately 2nd Cup/Boomtown had the speed and won the event.

The night ends for Crush the Rush. Leaving the Houston coffee scene, with a trophy, some serious prize cash money, and lots of new memories.