Cadenza x Slayer: Latte Art Throwdown @ Forth and Nomad
6:00 PM18:00

Cadenza x Slayer: Latte Art Throwdown @ Forth and Nomad


August 13th 6pm 

It's FREE to attend! First throwdown is at 7:30pm. Baristas can also get their hands on the Slayer EP before start time as well as drink some Saint Arnold's beer (21+), eat some tacos, and chill with people doing some super cool stuff with coffee.

Tournament Details:

-$5 entry fee

-single elimination

-16 bracket spaces

The competitors will roll dice to determine what type of design they will make and with which milk type. The options will be Mill King or Califa Oat Milk, rosetta, tulip, or free style. The last barista in the competition will win the grand prize!! Runners up will get a high five and some Slayer swag.

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Cup the Rainbow
7:00 PM19:00

Cup the Rainbow


Cup the Rainbow is an education event focusing on the building the sensory skills for coffee professionals. Providing foods based on the Sensory Lexicon published by the World Coffee Research, participants get a chance to taste them and relate to the coffee they cup, to build vocabularies. Rainbow cupping spoons and pins will be available for purchase onsite. Raffles, and other merchandise will also be available.

Event starts at 7pm at Katz Coffee, 2400 Karbach Street.

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People + Pages / Coffee
6:30 PM18:30

People + Pages / Coffee

People + pages / coffee is a meeting of interested minds learning about the great journey of coffee from seed to cup. 

The first meeting of this book club will be held at Boomtown Main, led by Norma Jean Odegard, on Gender Equality in Coffee: Minimizing the Gender Gap in Agriculture . The group will meet monthly to read short stories, educational articles or research studies focused on all areas of the coffee industry.

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