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People + Pages / Coffee

  • Boomtown Main Street (map)

People + pages / coffee is a meeting of interested minds learning about the great journey of coffee from seed to cup. 


People + Pages / Coffee

This community driven event will have its first meeting led by Norma Jean Odegard, on Gender Equality in Coffee: Minimizing the Gender Gap in Agriculture . The group will meet monthly to read short stories, educational articles or research studies focused on all areas of the coffee industry. From farmers to coffee professionals and everything in between, this is an opportunity to connect with others that are also interested in all things coffee. 

Topics will change focus each month and do not necessarily connect to prior readings. The vision is that this is more of a book club that you can attend when you can or if the monthly reading interests you. 

The group will be founded on the principles; be respectful, be reflective, create a safe space and make friends. 


Respect- education- inspiration 

Materials will be provided for the reading session. Please sign up below, and contact if there are any changes to your schedule.

If you are interested in hosting this event at your shop, please let us know!

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