Barista - Full Time

Boomtown Coffee on 19th Street is hiring a full time barista. No prior experience required.

Position: Bean Whisperer

Job description: Do you go to bed at night praising the great gods of Arabica? Do you sprinkle a bit of coffee in your laundry detergent? Do you dream in coffee?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you and one of our roasters, Dean, need to hang out. If you are a normal human and interested in joining our coffee slingin’ family, please let us know!

Some of the duties which are required of our baristas and possibly YOU are listed below:

• developing satisfied guests
• product and equipment knowledge
• crafting quality beverages
• cleanliness and professionalism

Please include a résumé.

***All salary questions will be discussed in person.

Contact Person: Christopher Porto


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