Barista/ Cashier - Full time/ Part Time

Red Dessert Dive is hiring full time/ part time barista and cashier. Experience Preferred. Barista training will be offered if passionate about coffee and willing to learn.

Job description: Red Dessert Dive is a funky, fun, eclectic bakery in the heart of Houston’s historic Heights neighborhood. We are thrilled to be a part of the Heights where neighborhood buddies and visitors alike sit and enjoy a piping hot coffee paired with a decadent salted caramel brownie while the Rolling Stones rock out in the back ground.

We've got top notch desserts and server locally roasted coffee, from Boomtown, Zeppelin, Amaya, Fort Bend Roasters and more. We've got open availability for openers, closers and mid-dayers. You'll be making coffee, serving costumers, trying desserts, and listen to some pretty awesome music. 

We have been open for almost 5 years now and are busier than ever! Come join and awesome crew who work together to make this place a great work environment.

Salary: Starting $8 + tips for non-baristas and $8.50 + tips for baristas

Benefits: Desserts! Tips! Awesome Regular Costumers! (For real!) Fun Team! Flexible Schedule!

Contact Person: Jessica Lusk