Pride Month Interview with Stacy Wright

Stacy Wright, Manager at Inversion Coffee and Art, speaks about their new rainbow wall.

 by Anita Tam


We know that your team has painted a mural at your shop. Can you tell us more about it?

We did it for the month of June for pride month celebration.

We have been in neighbourhood for 10 years, and we are part of this community. This neighborhood is a symbol for the LGBTQIA community in Houston. Apart from the mural, we’ve also changed our logo for the month of June to a rainbow flag.

It took some planning and all we needed to execute were paints, squeeze bottles, and a bunch of tapes. It was really fun to make it.

Who’s idea was this?

It is Savannah Canales’ idea - she is an artist and coffee professional that works here at Inversion.


Are there particular guidelines at Inversion that you guys implement as a safe space?

I don’t really have to implement specific guidelines since we see it as part of our culture here at Inversion. People in our team create all these ideas together to support the community as well. For example, we collected donation for the Montrose Centre at our halloween throwdown. We’ve also put out sign to let everyone know that this is a space for all.

Looking forward:

The Montrose neighborhood has changed a lot in the past 10 years. People from the older neighbourhood had moved out, and gentrification has started to take place.

Looking to the future, we will continue to provide a safe space for everyone, as well as the surrounding community.


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