Inversion Barista Savannah Canales speaks with us on art and the her creative process.

The mastermind behind the rainbow wall idea - Savannah Canales.

 by Anita Tam




Savannah Canales - Barista at Inversion Coffee and Gelato


So, Tell us about the Rainbow Wall!

So one day I had a conversation with Stacy, and she said she want to do something with the pride colors on the wall. The initial thought was to have a rainbow flag up there. However when we discuss more about it, we came up with this idea with a rainbow window wall. I decided that it would look much better having that in cascading color. So, here it is!



Was there a lot of planning involved?

It was actually a day’s plan. Stacy and I worked together quiet a bit already so it was a quick decision for us.


How long did it take for the idea to materialize?

At the end the whole process took about two hours. I took some painters tape and kind of estimated the panel width. I mixed some water with the acrylic paint to create that dripping effect. There are 9 colors all together, and most of them are straight from the bottle, but with the violet and the purple we had mixed in the colors by ourselves. We painted part of it with paint brushes and the dripping effect was created with squeeze bottles. It was a lot of fun (and paint everywhere).

I know you are an artist. Tell us about Inversion and the shop’s relationship with art.

We function as an art gallery. All the artworks here are from an antique shop, that we rotate out every season. My focus is on photography, and  I do portrait and landscape photos. I am having an exhibition coming soon here at Inversion so stay tuned!