Behind the Bar Series: #4

Café Cosmopolita: Emma

Cafe Cosmopolita is a new shop in the coffee community. Located underneath Skyhouse Houston, the modern cafe is most popular amongst the nearby high rises and hotels. Fit to serve a fast paced and ambitious crowd, Cafe Cosmopolita gains the attention of local entrepreneurs, lawyers, and business owners around the downtown area. The shop suits well for business meetings while providing consistent quality coffee.

Cafe Cosmo 1.jpg
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Emma, one of the baristas behind the bar, had the opportunity to create a lovely flat white to taste. She mentioned her favorite drink to make was the standard latte, a popular drink at the shop, second to of course black drip coffee. She had been working there starting in January and has moved up to a managerial position since.

She enjoys the fast pace lifestyle that comes with the downtown crowd all while conversing with her regulars and getting to know new people everyday.

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