Behind the Bar Series: #5

Doshi House: Eli

A great pleasure about living in a rather large city like Houston, is that you always find something new on every corner. Doshi House, in the heart of Third Ward, is literally located on the corner of Emancipation Ave and Holman. The vegan/ vegetarian centric cafe provides and cultivates healthy yet affordable food and coffee options for its community members.

Eli, the barista at the bar, had been working at Doshi House for 3 months now. Proudly serving Greenway Coffee, he was able to make a specialty vegan latte with coconut milk and house made syrup to taste. His favorite drink to make is an almond milk cappuccino, or any milk alternative based drink for that matter.

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Barista: Eli

Barista: Eli

Conscious consuming, artistic and healthy growth, and the heart beat of Third Ward were things Eli really enjoyed about Doshi House. Innovators who give back to their community in more ways than one.

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