People of Houston Coffee - February 2019

We want to know more about YOU - the people who make up the Houston coffee industry!

This month we invited Billy Martinez of Blackwater Coffee Roasters and of Common Grounds Uncommon Coffee for a simple 5 question interview.


Name: Billy Martinez

My Instagram handle: biliulfo_

I am currently working at: Blackwater Coffee Roasters and Common Grounds Uncommon Coffee

Question #1: Coffee introduced me to?

A broader community and a family.

Question #2: What are you digging right now in coffee?

Flash cold brew coffee. Gets me real excited. Also learning how to roast a really great dark roasted coffee.


Question #3: I'm thankful for…

For all the opportunities I have had especially in coffee. Some by luck, some by chance.

Question #4: Best time to drink coffee...

At the very end of your morning routine. Then jump right into the rest of the day.

Question #5 My field of expertise in coffee is...but I want to learn more about_____in coffee.

Really great at teaching but I want to get better at sensory skills. It’s hard to get into.

Thank you, Billy, for joining us for a super fun interview with our Houston Coffee People series.

More coming up soon on our IG and Coffeezine. Stay tuned!

Marlen Mendoza