Behind the Bar Series: #7

Revival Market: Judith

Revival Market, known for being a craft butcher shop in the Heights, has lots of redeemable qualities and options to choose from but the one area in particular that shines through is the coffee bar.

Proudly serving Amaya coffee and other U.S guest roasters, Revival coffee has peaked interest in many. Cold brew aficionados, crafted signature coffee drinks and more. These baristas are using their creative control to brew up new drinks catered to their style.

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Barista: Judith

Barista: Judith

Judith, barista at the bar, had been working at Revival just little over a year. She mentioned her favorite drink to make was the NOLA Latte, a speciality drink at Revival. Judith was able to make a cold brew lemonade to taste, an outstanding drink that really brings a niche crowd to Revival.

Overall all she especially enjoys the learning process working behind the bar and the freedom to create new drinks. The open mindedness from her coworkers and her employers really made her appreciate her work environment and her time there.

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