Behind the Bar Series: #6

Coral Sword: Luke

Located on Telephone Rd in the midst of the East End, is a shop that sticks out. Coral Sword, a shop flooded with design and color on its exterior, is a coffee home for most. Proudly serving Greenway coffee, the shop resembles a gamer’s heaven.

Luke, the barista at bar, had been with Coral Sword since February but has worked with Greenway for 6 years. His favorite drink to make was a standard flat white. A happy medium.

Coral 2.JPG
Coral 1.JPG

Wearing a Greenway pin, Luke was proud of his coffee family. He mentioned how well he connected with his co workers, and overall appreciated the family values instilled in his day to day work space.

In his words “They take care of me really good.”.

HCC TEAMCoral Sword