Behind the Bar Series: #8

Retrospect Coffee: Kourtney

Retrospect Coffee, found in the midtown area right next to Axelrad, is small shop built to serve top quality coffee with an intention of simplicity. The shop hosts its Slayer indoors while all seating is held outdoors. A spot where college student goers and business professionals in the area can grab a quick cup to go, always ensured in the top quality of espresso performed by the baristas there.

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Barista: Kourtney

Barista: Kourtney

Kourtney, the barista at the bar, had been working at retrospect since even before the shop opened. She was a staple there and had seen the shop grow and become a name for itself. When asked what her favorite drink to make was, she especially liked to prepare flat whites due to the texture of the milk.

Her time commitment and ideas had made her stay there that much more valuable. She enjoyed the process behind the product and she was grateful towards Retrospect for that.

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